UT-100-D-0916 Premium Exhaust

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By Kern Premium Exhaust, painted black stainless steel for Harley-Davidson Touring models read more




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By Kern Premium Exhaust, painted black stainless steel for Harley-Davidson Touring models

The By Kern Premium Exhaust is your best choice if you want a good-sound bike so that your neighbors love it. We’ve created an exhaust for you that meets the European Union requirements, not reaching the 80 dBa sound level on official measurements, but you can still get the real Harley feeling with one switch. The By Kern Premium exhaust has two types of sound, street and sport. The Silent Mode (Street) is classified as “e7” in accordance with EC Directive 97/24, approved by the European Union.  Installed with Euro 4 catalytic converter for models manufactured before 2008. Pass-by noise level is below 80 dbA.

You have chosen a Harley-Davidson Touring exhaust in painted black finish.


You can fit the By Kern exhaust, replacing your factory exhaust. (slip-on) There is no need to make any changes to the factory settings, if you feel good enough and take responsibility, you can install it by yourself. The mechanism allows you to choose the volume you want to ride with. There is only one moving part inside the exhaust to minimize the possibility of error or dysfunction. It is connected to stainless steel cables with a self-developed mechanical tone switch. This switch is mounted on the right side under the rear footrest bracket. This is in default position for Street sound. Turn the lever to change to the Sport sound and press the button to return to Street sound.  

See the details below.

Package contents:

  1. 2 pieces (1 pair) of stainless steel painted black exhaust, painting is same as factory.
  2. Cable connectors, has been fixed and set. 1 piece per exhaust.
  3. 1 mechanical tone switch with fastening strap.
  4. Installation and operating instructions, certificate card.
  5. 4 fastening screws, 3 cable ties, washers
  6. Free gift 2 Colt end caps, installed

What the package does not contain, but is required:

  1. Tools for installation
  2. Exhaust clamps to be used by factories


We provide a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for mechanical parts of the exhaust system. Damage resulting from improper use or incorrect installation is not covered by the warranty. All of our exhausts are made of stainless material, they may become discolored, but if the engine is tuned properly, this will not happen. The discoloration can be removed by polishing. (polished glossy types only) We have 1 year warranty on the coating for painted exhausts. In the case of a fault, the exhaust must be sent back to our workshop  in Hungary where we examine the problem and make the necessary repairs.

In case of legal complaints, we will refund the shipping cost (max. 20 Euro).

We can accept returns for delivered product only in unopened packaging for 14 days from the date of purchase. Our EXTRA warranty service is available. 1 year extra warranty is provided by registering the code on the certificate accompanying the exhaust to By this you accept the terms of the contract to send a newsletter about our latest deals/news. But in exchange for you can use the exhaust system for 3 years carefree!

There is another sound mode is available. This has much louder, full body sound, it’s louder than the legal limit, use it on your own responsibility. The passing by test result is more than 105dB.

The exhaust is made of stainless steel, with no any surface treatment. It’s mirror polished, doesn’t get matt. Or you can choose the matt black colour one.

You get the ‘black and shining’ end cap as a free gift, but upon request you might choose one what you prefer.

Our exhausts are prefect replacement of the stock Harley-Davidson exhaust, slip-ons.

Our exhausts fit on the stock Harley-Davidson manifolds only.

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