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Hello everyone. 

Regardless of the coronavirus situation, exhaust manufacturing is still ongoing and we can serve every customer. If you can, make the quarantine as fun as possible. We wish everyone a successful hand wash.

Best regards,
By Kern Team

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  • Hello Peter,

    The exhaust works excellent. Top Quality. Top Look. Top Sound.Top Performance. Top Feeling.

    Thank you!



The ‘By Kern Premium Exhaust’ has 2 different sounds, street or sport

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  • I’ve had my Kern exhausts about 9 months now. They were great people to deal with and kept me up to date on my order, as the ones for my 1200 sportster had to be imported.

    Easy to follow instructions and fabulous looking, quite easy to fit. Love the fact that instructions tell you to reward yourself with a beer, but remind you to wait before going on the road, lol.

    The switchable sound on mine is just perfect, the legal position still gives the Harley heart beat for when I leave home early for work, but not loud enough to wake the neighborhood. But WOW, the open road sound turns heads as a Harley should?

    Derek W.

    United Kingdom, London

  • Thanks, it’s a good Sound and Look good.



The ‘By Kern Rock Exhaust’ doesn’t excuse itself, you need to do it.

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  • Hi Peter, won second place with your pipes at the harley Gathering in Dunoon, 125 decibels was beaten by 1 decibel 😕😂 They got a lot of attention 👍

    Donna M.