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Frequently occurrent mistakes, tips and advices

If you would like to use your exhaust for long time, free from care, then follow a few simple advices. Specially important to follow next few steps apart from the user manual.

  • The mufflers are connected to the switch by wires, this operates the mechanism. It’s already pre set, conditioned for its perfect operation.
  • Do not fold the wires in acute angle.
  • Keep the wires away from heat. Make sure all wires are at least 1cm away from any hot parts (exhaust, manifold, pipes, engine)
  • Do not fix the wires tight. Always apply cable ties slightly loosen.
  • Lubricate the wires at least every two month. Use chain lubricant spray, the best if you spray from the side of the switch. It is crucial to lubricate it after bike wash or a heavy rain.
  • The wires are set and adjusted, do not modify them.
  • Do not replace the wires. There are very fine parts, it does matter how the wires are for the mechanism.
  • Wires need to be loosen right underneath the switch, have to move freely up and down.
  • On touring models you need to lace up the wires before the rear wheel, under the swingarm.
  • Do not fix the wires onto the swingarm.
  • Do not fix the switch to different place, only to where user manual says.
  • The switch has only 2 states, do not modify it. This guarantees the right operation.
  • Inspect your system. Your whole system only works fine if in STREET mode the wires are loosen, wobble about 1-2mm. This means the valve inside the muffler can move back to the end state. If the system does not work like that, start getting to clatter and going to damage itself. To avoid failed operation, check all the advises above.
  • The mechanism supports by the exhaust gas, that’s why only use it when your engine is running with the operation temperature.